Building a Well – Being Well

Please join us LIVE ON FACEBOOK at CLWC Ministry, Saturday January 5, 2019 as we raise money to buy the PUMP for the well!

 We need your support!

Each year CLWC select a specific task to undertake in order to improve the lives of our children.  Last year we were successful in providing solar energy to the In Heaven’s Eyes facility which enabled the children to have electricity 24 hours a day.

This year the Missionaries have set out to Build A Well.  Our goal is to bring a clean, sustainable water supply to the children at the In Heaven’s Eyes facility.  We understand that the minimum cost to build a well is $16,000.00 – $20,000.00 US dollars and this is where we would greatly appreciate your help. 

Your donation will go toward:


Running electricity to the well (needed to operate the pump).

Digging (machines and workers to drill the well)

Materials (bricks, cement, etc.)

Training (educating staff on maintenance of the well)